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MOOC : Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

MOOC : Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture
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du 23-11-2019 au 31-12-2019
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Explore the two inseparable aspects of fashion: commerce and culture.

For almost 150 years, fashion has been a deep cultural mechanism, that has transformed almost every part of Western culture. Join the course to get acquainted to the inseparable commercial and cultural sides of fashion.

Whether you are a marketing student, a young or experienced professional willing to refresh or enlarge your knowledge in fashion, this course will offer you a dual approach to fashion, both as a cultural phenomenon and as a creative industry.


Under the supervision of Benjamin Simmenauer, with exclusive input from designers as Simon Porte Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith, and CEOs of Chanel, LVMH Fashion Group, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermès, this MOOC will give you a transdisciplinary approach to the phenomena of contemporary fashion.

The course is structured into 4 chapters:

  1. Fashion and modernity: contemporary relevance, ‘Zeitgeist, and the desirability of the new.
  2. Fashion and society: the concept of trends, social distinction and selection, culture and subcultures.
  3. Fashion as a language: decoding silhouettes, the genre of fashion literature and fashion press.
  4. Fashion and consumption: fashion and gender, the emergence of ‘lifestyle’, fetishism.

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